Digital and AI technology are used in sorting, testing, robotic disassembly and process automation, for better perfomance.

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Battery Second Use

Repurposed used EV battery for applications such as distributed solar battery storage or telecom backup power etc.

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Comphrehensive Recycling

Feedstock are sorted to be handled by direct cathode regeneration or hydometallurgical process.

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Used in smart-sorting the feedstock, testing for second use, robotic disassembly and improving operation efficiency.


Sorting Feedstock

as the pre-treatment using sensor and machine learning.


Testing for Second Use

to establish the digital profile for battery repurpose .


Robotic Disassembly

for fast battery handling and better part value recovery.


Operation Efficiency

for recycle process as well as overall operation.

Technology Innovation

  • Battery health prediction modeling: Combined math model and MLP algorithm for quick SOC/SOH analysis and prediction.

  • Smart screening and sorting system: A quick labeling, screening and sorting system based on computer vision, machine learning and predictive algorithm.

  • Intelligent disassembly planning system: A disassembly decision planning and scheduling system is built on battery knowledge graph, with the consideration of recovery option, cost-benefits analysis, lifecycle assessment and carbon footprint tracking, reverse supply chain decision.

  • Robot flexible control unit: A self-learning collaborative and flexible robot control unit is developed to identify defect part, optimize disassembly operation, detect disassembly failure, and predict disassembly effects.

Direct Cathode Regeneration

  • Proprietary Separation

    Proper feedstock are shred into power and separated into different type of material.

  • Material Purification

    Cathode materials go to further treatment and are purified to certain level.

  • Recrystalization

    Purified cathode material are added more virgin material and go through recrystalization process, to become battery grade material.

Comphrehensive Recycling

  • Smart Sorting

    After disassembly and dismantle, sensors and machine learning software are used to screen physical and chemical features of the battery for automatic sorting. Certain feedstock are sent to direct recycling (cathode regeneration), and mixed feedstock are sent to hydrometallurgical recycling.

  • Direct Cathode Regeneration

    Cathode materials are separated using proprietary method, and regenerated to battery grade.

  • Hydometallurgical Metal Recycling

    Remaining metal materials, together with other mixed feedstock, will be recycled by further separation and hydometallurgical process.