Service Details

We build smart sorting and robotic disassembly together with partners. We build up technology with computer vision, machine learning, DNN and flexible robotic control, and establish battery knowleadge graph system.

Service Included

  • We help our partner to evaluate their typical waste stream and provide proper solution.
  • Smart sorting and testing service as the pre-treatment.
  • Qualified battery pack are grouped and sent to second use.
  • Unqualified battery pack are disassembled and good & acceptable battery cell and parts are detected and sent to repurpose or refurbish use.
  • Remaining feedstock will be shred into particle for further separation and processing.

Service Features

Sensors and AI-powered software are used to detect the physical and chemical features of the battery. The feedstock is analyzed in real-time and sorted with high accuracy and speed. The scrap after disassembly will also be sorted automatically for further processing.
More Technical details can be found as following.

Disassembly Flowchart

  • Battery pack are quickly scanned with the support of computer vision and machine learing model, and labled.

  • Qualified battery pack after initial test are grouped and sent to second use.

  • Qualified battery pack after inital test are grouped and sent to second use.

  • Disassembly decision and plan are made based on the info from screening and sorting as well as existing knowleadge graph.

  • Shredded battery cell and other scrap are sorted to different material stream for further processing.