Service Details

Together with partners, we repurpose used EV battery for applications such as distributed solar energy storage or telecom tower backup power use.

Service Included

  • We sort used EV battery pack into different group and grade as well as build the digital profile for each battery.
  • We test the battery pack and individual cell if needed .
  • We group qualified battery pack using combination of active balancing and passive balance, the software solution.
  • For disassembled battery cell, we repurpose and group them into solution with new inverter and BMS if needed.
  • The repurposed system is managed and monitored in real-time through battery cloud system.
  • We provide this service together with third-party partner. We used repurposed battery for commercial and industrial use with ESG compliance.

Service Features

The repurposed battery cell, together with proprietary battery inverter, BMS and battery cloud system, are converted into mudulated and distributed energy storage system for the applications such as community solar, logistics rooftop, and backup power for telecom tower.

Our technology enable us to sort battery pack efficiently, and manage mixed battery pack of different chemistry using our own BMS.