Battery Recycle
In a Smart Way

About Circunar

Circunar is not a traditional recycling company. It innovates battery value chain by AI-Robotics, and battery lifecycle services. It builds up a Node & Hub service model, which help battery manufactures, auto makers, energy company, telecom, fleet and mobility company better manage their battery assets.

Tech Innovation

We discrupt the industry by AI-Robotics and digital recycling innovation

Reliable Operation

Circunar is buit on a data-driven, customer-oritented service business model.

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Our Services

Carbon Intelligence

Data and consulting services for battery and auto makers for better regulation compliance.

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Sensors and machine learning software are used to screen physical and chemical features.

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SOC and SOH data will be obtained, the battery is tested and evaluated for second use.

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Robotic Disassembly

After sorting and testing, collaborative robots are used to disassembe the battery.

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Second Use

Repurposed used EV battery for distributed solar battery storage or telecom backup power etc.

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Comprehensive Recycle

The process with combination of direct cathode regeneration and hydometallurgical recycle.

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Global Smart Recycling Service Network

Our business model is to build the service partnership for recycling of battery and renewable energy materials. We are building digital recycling operation together with partners ensuring zero emmission and ESG compliance.

Latest News

Dead EV batteries turn to gold with U.S. incentives

A little-publicized clause in the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act has companies scrambling to recycle electric vehicle batteries in North America,

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Everything you need to know about EV battery disposal

It's one of the many worries you hear about electric vehicles: What happens to the battery packs of EVs when they're used up?

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Battery recycling takes the driver’s seat

Electric-vehicle demand is accelerating rapidly and so is the need for EV batteries. As these batteries reach end-of-life, significant growth opportunities in the recycling are emerging.

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